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Welcome to A Perfect Match!

A Perfect Match specializes in the recruitment of intelligent, college-aged egg donors to be matched with well-educated and accomplished intended parents who need the help of an egg donor to create their family. We also recruit young, healthy gestational surrogates who are prescreened and ready to cycle immediately.

A Perfect Match was among the first to recognize the natural help that families and individuals can be to each other as egg donors, gestational surrogates and intended parents. Since 1998 that’s amounted to more than 600 healthy newborns who have been welcomed into loving homes—not to mention the joy that our donors and gestational surrogates receive by helping our families achieve their dreams of having a baby.

A Perfect Match believes in the right of every person to become an intended parent through egg donation and/or gestational surrogacy regardless of their race, religion, age, marital status, gender, or sexual orientation. A Perfect Match believes each intended parent deserves freedom and respect when it comes to choosing an egg donor who matches their family. We are committed to helping and supporting each family that demonstrates a sincere desire for bringing a child/children into a loving and stable home.

A Perfect Match also believes every woman who is willing to become an egg donor deserves respect for her willingness to help create families by giving of herself in such a personal way. We treat each egg donor as an individual, and we consider each donor's specific needs and desires before matching her with an infertile couple, same sex couple, or single male or female.

Spend some time exploring our site. Then please talk with us about how our online, private, and confidential registries of egg donors and gestational surrogates—along with the extraordinarily warm and personal service we extend to all our egg donors and clients—can help you create your own perfect match.

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  • If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, or if you need the services of an egg donor or gestational surrogate, and are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement, please call Darlene Pinkerton toll-free at 800-264-8828, or email her at

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